curse the thunder!

My router isn't working all thanks to the stupid thunder storm and same goes to my 3g broadband daddy forgot to pay the bills ..lol for the pass few days. so i'm just like a hermit crab doin nothing. 4get about watching tv, my dad took the astro smartcard wit him to estate so astro is only available during weekend.. well, tats our family rules -.-

 on the brightside, i help my mummy alot with the chores.

and the part i'm very proud about is i'm still surviving without goin on9 for few days~~
(see? i can live without internet..lol)

but holly molly,  its driving me nuts after the 4th day. ._.

because i miss my baby so badly ._. 
(normally i visit him everyday without fail..hows a mummy gonna live without seeing her baby 4 days?!?!)

my restaurant needs to get open for business!! 
(can u imagine how much lost i make within tat 4days??!) 
i was waiting for important e-mails about the society day and i have to send the society flyers to my boss(aka chairlady) as soon as possible

and bla bla bla..yadie yada.
*banging on the wall*

for some reason, my mood is terrible horrible lately, s0 i find my punching pillow or my scratching pole last sunday... The swimming pool =D

*yay! my broadband is working.. but not my streamyx ._.

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