some 1 new in the house

welcome to the family =)

She is a 3 months old pup called Yogurt . I dont know what breed she is but i hope she is a mix golden retriever =D wit flappy ears, strong body, long fluffy fur (remind
s me of sunsilk ad)


My brother starts to treat the pup as his but my beloved brother cant be bothered to clean her poops and trust me, my bro will dump her in
 no time , nevertheless, my mom have to do all the job. and y i'm not suprise 

when comes to name her, we are having quite a "hard" time to choose her a name. Since she got a fur mark thing which shape of a Y at her back, so we wanna find a name which starts wit letter Y. yo-yo, york, yogi, yo, yoga(reminds me of taiwanese singer)yasmin??! yumcha?? lol!

 but my brother insists golden or dragon -.- 
 and dad have to pujuk him for quite sometime

She's good in posing -.-"

So sad that i only got less than 2 days wit her. dad should brought her back earlier! -.- 


anyway, hope she will recognise me next time when i come home =D
Guess i have  to snap few photos again of her tomorrow.. incase i regret ..huhu ._.

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