I'm old

 a year before
didnt realise my room was so empty before..lol

Time flies, i'm senior already!! 
cheese and whiskers, i'm old.

Being a hostel resident for a year now,
know quite a number of neighbours 
but most of them shifted out,
include Jia Ming who stayed downstairs
boy, gonna miss them,
boy, door knocks will be less frequent now._.

as for me, i will stay in hostel until i graduate.
i feel more secure staying here.
love my roomie, the environment, the neighbors, 
but not the chinese canteen, kakak from the convenience shop.
tat was a long story -.-"

a year after,
i cant stand clean walls ._.

and one thing good about staying hostel is,

u have NO excuse to skip class =D


eunice =)  – ( May 28, 2009 at 9:03 PM )  

ppg super fan, yesterday, today, and tomorrow! :P haha

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