Powerpuff go bye bye =(

My roomie and i went to bank for our debit card, and since she got something to buy, so we went to Jusco later and guess what i saw..


omg omg omg omg
*screaming out loud*

and its 50%-70% off

those clothes are super adorable! sweet colours! Cute design! me likie =D i really wanna buy each and every one of it if i got the chance!but there is one little problem in fact the same o'l problem..they are mainly *ouch*, and only*double ouch* for kids and many aunties were there digging clothes for their daugther, niece? friends' daughter? wait..who cares? ._.
boy, i can feel gloomy clouds on my head already.

so just to cheer myself up,i look around and was dreaming how nice if i could wear 'em
and i found one which i might able to wear *light shines*
boy, God do loves me =D

crossed my finger and tip-toed to the fitting room (hope no one sees me,ppl might think i'm weird)

tada~ not bad for a kid skirt huh? 

But i didnt buy it ._.
because the shoulder part is quite tight*tripple ouch* and i dont have the confident to wear it out*super duoer  ouch* come on' its a kids skirt,ppl might stare at me._. So i try to find some tops but they are too tiny!! oh golly,guess that skirt(which i make it as a blouse) doesnt belongs to me =(
Love'em for almost 9 years now but i've never really own their clothes, but me and my sisters shared a ppg top,which was 7 years ago ,how pathetic is that ._.

its ok,nevermind, a girl cant get all cranky because of this, i'll work and earn hard until i get a big fat piggy bank and someday, one fine day, i'll get custom made ppg clothes (with a little touch of my design of cuz =D) from the cartoon network company itself ..bwahahahhhaa.<--- (what i'll do when i'm rich #1)

a girl can dream cant she? lol! 

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