"me" day!! again??!

Another "me" day..me and my computer and nothing else 
i stare at the computer almost for the whole day now, design the banner for the society, and some yadie yada
gowd, my eye is getting smaller ._.

Guess what,for the 1st time i went to Jusco all by myself, 
that's right, all by myself
tis might sounds stupid, but its a very big deal for me tau!
Mummy gonna be so proud, 
bwahahahhaa.. better jot this special day down 

What to do, I have to go there, but none of my hostel buds are back yet 
and the girl needs her fruits and its almost 4 days without a single bite of an apple or a drop of orange pulp?? 
and makes her mood falls down to the drain =((

i cant imagine apple is my comfort food.
It should be chocolates or ice cream!! 
should i be proud or what -.-

p/s: pls ignore the "uncolourful-ness", i'm soo tired, didnt sleep well last night worrying the Jusco thingy.

seriously!! =< 

Halie  – ( May 24, 2009 at 7:37 AM )  

what are you worrying about? jusco thing???

JLynN  – ( May 24, 2009 at 8:41 AM )  

about goin 2 jusco all by myself lo, worry no bus, or meet those stupid taxi and yadie yada.. lol.u know me

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