Jewels in my mouth

I got my braces 2 weeks ago, which is a total unexceptional. at 1st my dad bring me to the orthodontist and ask whether he wanted to do for me, i thought he will reject as i'm studying and not always at home. He agreed to do for me as i will at home for almost 2 months then he help me do it straight away.

During the whole process, The orthodontist is a very friendly person, he love to talk and he sings too!! I remember he sang Rihanna songs. Its quite impressing for a dentist to sings those songs at his 40ies ..hahah!

okay okay.. he didnt sing until THAT passionate .

I eat like a baby for 1st 2 weeks, my teeth are like totally useless. I have to blend the fruits, smash my veges and cut my food into smaller pieces.

by the time everyone is finishing up their meal, i was still struggling with the 1st few bites -.-

rite now, glad that i able to eat at my usual pace now..

mayb slower..

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