they are 1 week old now :3

Sandal gave birth 8 beautiful, adorable puppies in the sunday morning until evening. The 1st puppy cant make it through because she was still wrapped up in the
amniotic sack (puppies are wrapped up with aminotic sack and the mother have to break it and eat the sack after giving birth.. in case u are wondering.hahah), which make the little pup cant breath and to heaven. It was very early in the morning, we didnt know sandal was giving birth so we didnt manage to save that little pup :(

lucky my brother wake up early, he saw the puppy and wake us up. we manage to save the second pup which having the same problem with the 1st puppy.

Its quite worrying at 1st because sandal dont even wanna bother the puppy, its like she dont even know she is a mummy!! All she do is stare at the puppy and she doesnt have milk yet, which we dont know why. we have to hand feed the little pup and remove fluid and amniotic sack.

the lucky pup

Thank god, everything went smoothly when the 3rd puppy was born and so the rest of them. Sandal finally knows what to do and handle all the seven pups like a real mama!!hahah

mr being at home have nothing to do (for the time being..haha).. its a great chance to spend quality time with those little angles, and not forgetting try to snap some good photos of them, Since they will be heading to their own family when they are old enough.Goly,i just cant wait until their little eyes to open!

see, i'm spending quality time wit the pups
even i'm in front of the computer

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