Puppies love

before i wanna start , i wanna warn my dear dajie

the following post contains cute and adoreable pictures may not related to cute kitties.

and they are not alien!!

okay back to business, as so you know puppies are almost 1 month old! they open their eyes and move around wibbly wobbly in their tiny legs but they still cry like a baby..nevertheless.. they are still cute!! hahaha.. all the puppies are fully booked, and we keep one. which means they will be seperated and leave us one day :(

Picture 1

incase you are new or know nothing about those angles (how could you?!).. feel free to click here!

Picture 4
aww! arent they lovey dovey!! i know i know, when mom see this , she will say we siblings should learn from them.. love each other.. care for each other.. yea yea yea.

Picture 12

Those puppies makes our day.. everyday. Everyone is happy , even my mom who is not really an animal lover, she will laugh and smile whenever she saw the puppies, they melt my mom's heart on the spot, with their yawn and their body stretching. The power of the puppies indeed.

but not everyone is happy,

Picture 2

Dear yogurt put her long face and sulking like a baby ,whenever all the attention draws to the puppies.. time flies, she can be such a sousage from a small little pup, cheer up, you know we still love you x)

Picture 7
we call this expression "the nostril of total rejection" ..which when someone is feeling rejected or down and the nostril get wider
(if the nostril expands and conrtact, even better!)

its just something between us, the jakuns aka siblings

p/s: my beloved sister snap all the photos above..
thank you for letting me steal your photos..
wanna me give you a kiss?

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