hi kaylee :D

Since after being busy in college, thanks to the wacky line connection i'm having in hostel, addicted to facebook (pet society to be exact..haha), i'm not a "crazy chatter" as before. makes me seldom log in my msn messenger. Sometimes i even forgot the existance of it.

so no suprise friends who knows me well normally will drop me msg in petsociety or facebook, whether its an emergency or a "hi" msg

So now, just being graduated 2 months ago, now at home.. and yea i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..(for the time being) which makes me hop and reappear myself in msn more often, now and then.
Picture 6

well.. mayb not everyday..screw streamyx!! :((

I'm so shock when i received lot and loads of contact request, thought i was famous or something, feeling quite "bangga" and wondering how they got my email address. BUt luckily, i'm not dumb enough for accept each and everyone of the email as most of the emails are quite similar.

so i accecpt one or two request lo..

before i thought of doing anything, a simple "hi" popped up from a girl name sherlly.

so i reply her a "hi' with a smiley.. hahahh!!

She said she is kaylee and ask me how was i doing, as if she was my best buddy -.-
and after few replies and so, she said she was feeling sexy (omigod -,-) and she wanted to open her webcam, she gave me a link so we could have "fun" there..

I know,

Picture 4

when i imitate as a spammer.
Courtesy of my sister for screen shot and edited it..

after i closed the msg box from that weirdo or spammer, or the sexy robot girl or a farm chicken.. whoever she is, another "hi" and another url link from a person named roselle who referred herself as kaylee.. again -.-

this time, i'm no missy nice gal!! I give her a big "F" word. i seldom use f words in my life..haha and told her i'm not interested because she is not sexy enough. She told me to mind of my words. oookay,spammer are not stupid u know. hahah!

Chatting with kaylee is my great past time ever esp when i have nothing to do, mock at her or answer her question in stupid ways .. not being to mean or overboard, i'm just being nice and friendly in and evil way *muahahaha*, btw, i usually "request" her dance the chicken dance whenever she is feeling naked. sometimes i even ask my sister to join the conversation. instead "joining the talk" , kaylee will always pop out another new window as if she is trying to talk to me individually.

aww.. isnt that sweet?


After a great "conversation" with Kaylee, i will delete her and straight to my block list. sound cruel? hahah! I dont know how many Kayleee in my contact list now.

aunty kaylee
Kaylee, my long lost aunt

bad case: who knows kaylee is my long lost aunty from nowhere who chatting via internet for the very 1st time??! lol!

And of course i make sure the kaylee i'm chatting with is a spammer but not a real person, if not i will in a very very hot soup. Chicken soup to be precise.

so my dear friends, think twice before you accept any suspicious contact request.
Kaylee is everywhere! *cheng cheng cheng!!*

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