my babies

This are my little trios in my room, Chips the puppy, Wei Kang the piggy and Petals the bear(i finally thought a name for her..hoho!), 3 of them come from different places and each have a story behind, especially Wei Kang ;)

Chips and Petals are mine while Wei Kang is my roomate's. She will hug him whenever she sleep or hit him when she feels like hitting something =x

They are tooooooooo adoreable and get quite an attention, you see. Most our "visitors" will play with them, hug them, pat them,and yadie yada, oh ya, sometimes they are being molested as well, you cant imagine hw uneasy i was when i saw hands touch our babies from head to toe, toe to head. i do nothing but just saying "stop it, stop it" repeatedly inside. (apa lagi aku boleh buat har? rampas from them meh? ._.)

One thing i didn't expect was most of them say Petals and me are look-a-like, which i dont really agree with them. Petals are much cutier la -.=

they even named Chips "Jean" and Petals "Lynn"

i love them dearly but doesn't mean i have to share my name with them, but i do share my secrets with them ;) hahah!

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