lack out off inspiration =((

Assignments are piling up, so as for society stuffs. I know this semester is not gonna be easy, especially creating music video and commercial video, because i know nothing about video

Guess i got lots to learn

Although i'm not in holiday mood already, my mind still blurring, is like sesat somewhere in a jungle and cant get myself out.

i dont even know what to blog.. even tweet ._.

this might explain why i didnt update my blog lately ._.

Anyway, meet my new friend boo-boo(pic below). She came for a visit without telling me until i felt some pain on my finger few days ago, the blood had dried up before i even know, Boo-boo was the deepest cut i get in these year, i can say. and i dont even know exactly when or how boo-boo came. What's wrong with my pain receptor anyway =/

I know this isn't post-worthy.. But I just have to introduce Boo-boo to someone.*puppy face*
well, at least boo-boo filled up my post =)

Sealed with a smile.

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