dream guy

can u spot 'em?

they are everywhere.

simple guy who i'm comfortable and secure with
without feeling threaten ,
hopefully he is good in literature or poetry :D

right now, i havent him yet, but
i know he is in somewhere.

p/s: how are you :)


when Tiger and Valentine meet.

can i keep you, This big lucky kitty?
i promise will give you tender loving care.

Chinese New year and V day are one the same day this year.
i dont know how frequent this happen.
but i bet this year is gonna be a special year :)

p/s: tressure all ur love ones.. apprciate them.
love your life. life is short.


when the 1st day of cny...

"Mom, we dont have to clean the floor today, we will sweep all the $$ away!!"
that's our excuse for being lazy.

that's my mom's good excuses for cleaning up the house during the 1st day of cny,
suck all the good lucks and $$ :D
As my mom loves to be clean and insist to mop the floor twice a day.

anyway, happy chinese new year!!!



one steps at a time,
but now i'm way far behind.
will you wait for me at the finish line?

why the 1st step of everything have to be so hard?


few months ago..

Satay kajang restaurant is one of our favorite spot to fill our tummy.. its located in kl and not kajang, incase u're wondering. lol

The 1st time i came here is when we are doing our satay assignment, and we wanna know more about satay and maybe the aroma will lead us to great inspiration? :D

"excuses!" i hear you say? haha!

pardon for me being such a kampung girl, but this was the 1st time enjoy "all-meat-no-skin" satay which sold with a reasonable price :D

the best part i like about here is......

my heavenly ABC!!
generous ammount of beans, corns, peanuts, gula malacca and of cuz a scoop of ice cream on top!! :D



i watch the dark sky turns bright,
Tasted the soft clouds puffy light.

Suddenly thunder storm came without a sign;
Throw silver blades whenever they like.

Each strikes turns to painful dismay,
but i wont let you ruin my day.



Crystal shines bright with the glare of light.
Catches everyone eyes and call them mine.
But when the lights fade and it turn dead,
Being left out like a pebble in the rain.


never thought.

Birds flying around while i was in estate. I never thought of they will caught my attention.

Because my poor skills of photography especially in snapping moving objects. i never even thought of taking some shoots of mr birdie. and the pictures turn out quite well.. what do you expect from an amateur? lol

Dad told me if i'm lucky enough, i able to see hornbills flying around. But mr Hornbill was out of sight. Mayb he was hibernating as the whether isnt that good? well, Guess my luck wasnt that good after all.

this is mr eagle

so mr Hornbill, hope to meet u someday :)


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