About me

* she speaks riddles and rhymes, seldom making any sort of sense; unicorn and rainbow lover but sometimes a little bit of a downer.  

* She loves to designs, decorates, crafting ,and paint anything out from her mind.

* she cant stand blank wall, page, her head, etc.. (she used to have nightmares of human without face probably which kind freak her out until today)

* her life savior = stickers, peanut butter sandwich, bread, hot chocolate/milo

* she loves animals, nature, color, rhyme, stationary, books, inspiring quotes, illustration, lyrics, poem, cake with cream topping and the list goes on..

* she born (HAH!) to decorate/design but hopefully to be a storybook illustrator or a handicraft artist someday :)

* she feels the best after cleaning stuffs and dawn. or do spring cleaning at 4am. and she loves sunrise.

* she's fickle minded, she cant seat still, her mind always float around, she's all over the place. yet, her feet still remain on the ground

* she's little bit of everything


binatang paling comel?? lalala!~

harimau xD aku serious ni!

Any nice question for me? :D


kanye west is handsome yamoh

dajie,.i know its you -.-

Any nice question for me? :D


♥ no copy cat please :)   © -Jean Lynn- I'm little bit of everything 2014

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