flower girl


if you dont know me, i'm a fan of blank boards, box, papers and bits of pieces of unwanted or leftover stuffs.. i like to keep them and make something out of it. people always refer me as rubbish collector, as i always get excited to see them lying around and i know tats gonna be mine hahahha. but for me they are treasures, my source of inspiration lol. but dont get me wrong, i dont collect every rubbish i see. i only collect things that interest me. hahahha. 

This time i tried to paint on a textured board,This was a shape of a medium size cake (why i use cake as reference u may ask? because this was used to be a base for cake!) and i use some left over paper flowers and rope for the hair.

i think this board is slight rougher and more water absorbance than usual canvas. its kinda nice to paint on but its kinda hard to paint very small or more refine details, as this board have lots of fiber on the surface.

btw in case u didnt notice, i'm really into purplish blue kinda skin tone lately xD



me and my sister like powerpuff girls since we were a kid, we would decide who will be who. As i'm the eldest; i'm have the privilege to be Blossom (commander and the leader~~)  and my other 2 sister have to fight for bubbles. (becuz no one wanna be buttercup) hahah. 

but as i grow older, personality wise, i feeel i'm more related to bubbles, but not the high pitch voice and she is cutier of course haha


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