talking to myself

since i was in middle high, i felt someone is controling me sometimes. The internet line went down i have something important but i was loitering around the web instead, Then the line was back to normal when i really really need it (for assignments or any emergency stuffs i guess?) or is the time to rest and i've done what i suppose to do. lappie got sick for the 1st time ( almost 4 years old) UNTIl when i got a spare one to use.

sometimes there is things i dont what it to happen which is not under my control turns out is what i was actually hopping for.

Although everything went upside down, or i screw anything up, I might feel insecure, worthless, my mood sometimes down, things dont go what i wanted it to be;
things eventually went back in place..

u might think i made this up, or is just pure coinsidence
but i'm very grateful anything that happend to me.

so, to tat invincible someone.. thankyou!! xD

ok, i'm done mumbling :D

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