Black rain

So fast its already in the month of February and i haven't post anything yet since the last year of December i guess.. 2012 is a great year for me i think; The most interesting year so far, like a journey in a roller coaster; up and down; happy times sad times ; very assured at a minute, being very doubtful at the next.

miserable yet magical, maybe that's what being 22 is all about.

nevertheless i changed. espcially my personality, i think i'm getting dull and boring -_-
i'm quite ashamed myself for all ghibli amazing movies, i just watched "spirited away" only.. and its when i was 10 years old.. sound pathetic huh. but the movies still vivid in my mind until now, because i consider that movie is an scary movie. haahahahaha
so yea, i target to watch all ghibli movies. and i already watch 6 of the movies *applause
and now i understand why ppl loves totoro hahahahahaah and i'm totally in love with kiki and her cat :3 

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