Last year December Family and i went to Ipoh, a quiet town;  heart of old towns, antics and dont forget white coffee and kopitiams , not to mention is less crowded than Malacca. Since camera is on my hand so i try to out of my comfort zone of taking pictures of the building

Frankly speaking i am not really good in Snapping building, nor scenery (i always cant get them right) i most comfortable snapping animals , insects and plants. haahha . So if u think snapping building is not your thing, like me.. just try to find the interest point and play with the composition like rule of third bla bla bla.. something like that.  who knows cinematography class is that useful haahaha 

now i found something interesting aka "sexy curves" on a building haaha 

not bad for a noobie huh? hahahahahahaaha 

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