lucky clover

melon flower

There's a small land behind my house, a land that dont belong to us, its abandon since we move in so it become our backyard for now until an up coming construction project will be held in the future. 

Vegtables and fruits were grown in my backyard, they fruit so much, and my mom so proud of them. Instead of using fertilizer, she use the good o'l organic way; fruit skins, fish water, and other food waste. My mom have to give away to our neighbors and close friends, as we could not finish them, even squirrel have their shares too. Its kinda annoying sometimes but people always say, fruits eaten by squirrel are the most delicious ones. but too bad we have to eat their left overs lol.

Dead animals are burried there too. Our pet dog which i have no chance to meet her for the last time and some half dead birds i found in the school compound during secondary school which i thought i could save them. 

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