Lets go back in time,during semester 3 clay modelling assignment aka my most favorite and enjoying assignment of them all. or mayb i just have nothing much to blog about these days hahaha. 

 This is mine (here!) incase u wonder hows mine looks like. hahaha.

This is my friend's statue, since the assignment doesn't required to paint the statue, so hers was left hers unpainted. is been for years now, and i think this little fella here cant be left unpainted! since is an amazing piece. and i really want to paint really really bad~~ so after asking her permission, i did some touch up on the cracks, clear the dust and remodel some of the part and of cause paint the statue! hahahah

so ..behold!!  the rebirth of the boy! hahaahaha


 final after clear spary! *sparkle sparkle*



smize : "smile with your eyes" 

Sneak peak of what i'm doing lately,if you think i'm done here, u just dont knoow me hahahah!!! 

I always have problem on giving a pair of lively eye, but this turn out pretty well *pat back*

There's one Chinese saying : "eye is the door of the soul". which i think eyes of the subject (especially portrait) play a big role in a painting, as if connect with the viewer, thus make the pictures turn alive.


Youth Credit Card desgin :D

Parents always reminds us about how credit card are only use for emergencies and owning a credit card is a huge responsibility.

so my concept for this card design is a superhero, and i call it " Wonder Card" , because the credit card do the wonder by swiping it to purchase something without using money. but, sadly credit card does not work that way. We have to be reminded that credit cards must be used wisely -- just like calling for help, we don't simply call for help, do we?  
The rainbow is to brighten up the design. Besides, rainbow also represents fresh, new beginning -- as an grown up and own a credit card (hahahha) . Not to forget  " There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!" :D



* *  * *
"i wish it didn't happen, but it did "



sometimes it tooks such a long time just to realize



Last year December Family and i went to Ipoh, a quiet town;  heart of old towns, antics and dont forget white coffee and kopitiams , not to mention is less crowded than Malacca. Since camera is on my hand so i try to out of my comfort zone of taking pictures of the building

Frankly speaking i am not really good in Snapping building, nor scenery (i always cant get them right) i most comfortable snapping animals , insects and plants. haahha . So if u think snapping building is not your thing, like me.. just try to find the interest point and play with the composition like rule of third bla bla bla.. something like that.  who knows cinematography class is that useful haahaha 

now i found something interesting aka "sexy curves" on a building haaha 

not bad for a noobie huh? hahahahahahaaha 


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