wall painting!

This is my latest wall painting i did last week for a Chinese restaurant! its quite an achievement as the owner of the restaurant is someone whom i dont know, if u know me, i'm afraid of strangers hahaha. my mom even ask me to think twice to go as the restaurant was located somewhere i'm not familiar with. 

but hey, i should start somewhere rite? i cant just stay in my comfort zone. so i went for it anyway. its actually something when u meet someone who actually appreciated your artwork. i met her one that day, and she is nice hahah.  

The owner want something simple yet attractive and she want a tree! haha. so i came up a garden-y concept for her with bright colors to make the place homey too. i pull my horses as i might turn it into a kindergarten haahah. 

this is some small little things i painted . they focus more on chicken dishes; that explain the little chickens running around. 

my favorite part will be the wishing tree.. customers can stick comments, wishes or even photograph on the tree! which means as times goes by. the tree will grow more leaves! 

this was a great and fun experience! i was honored and very grateful to have this opportunity. hope there's more walls for me to conquer haahahahah 

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