There's one incidence which i remember lately; happen when i was a still very young; a small piece of my childhood i could say.

my mom was frying some fish for lunch and as me who always love to watch my mom cooking, i stand there watching her. Usually my mom welcome us to watch her cook, so "u will know how to cook when you grow up". but tat time my mom shoo me away from the kitchen say, " do you want to be snow white?  dont come near here. u might get burn by the hot oils. later you will get ugly scars and as ugly as the evil queen.." 

as i was 6-7 years old.. i didnt think much.. and of cuz i would stay as far as i could because i dont want to be an ugly evil queen. everyone wants to be the snow white! 

this was used to be a normal incident but dont ask me why i remember this so clear but as i get older, this incidence and it kinda hit me. my mom shouldn't say that! mom cooks and clean for the family and imagine all the scars she got from burning oil or cuts from knife which make her hands unpretty and rough; does that makes mom an evil queen? of cuz the hell no. all she do is for her family. 

As i grow up, i kinda lost respect to those ppl who wouldn't get their hands dirty for sake of their pretty smooth clean hands. hello, all Disney princess do cleaning and house chores before they meet their prince charming and get their happily ever after.

if i could go back to the time i was a kid, i would like to tell my mom, i dont want to be a selfish snow white. 

or mayb i sould tell her now but that would be weird .. as i dont think she even remeber this incidence haahaha. 

p/s :

i love you mom.

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