i watched this studding video last month if not mistaken, it has given me quite an impression and i think i will remember this video for some times. 

as the video is deep, no doubt this video will make the audience think; everybody has their one interpretation. 

for me this video reminds me my first life lesson and swear i will never make the same mistake again which is don't change yourself for people;  especially those who manipulate and conceive you need to change; for the better, for your own good... they say. 

they will convince you with their twisted words; condemn you indirectly and makes you believe you wasn't good enough for anything or anyone;  they can ask u too change your style, change your habit. but ask you to change who u really are on the inside for me its quite over the line. 

especially those wants you to change everything about you; strips u into pieces and makes you feel so lost; its like messing up your sense of direction. God knows why that's the time when they choose to walk away. 

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