"you have changed" pt1

its been awhile seen i last updated my blog; i was busy with stuffs while listening to podcast (if there is actually someone care to know that is. hahaha)

random topic been floating around my head for awhile. maybe it is not blog-worthy but at least its something i can occupied my blog hahaha :

i used to be a non coffee drinker. because coffee gives me headache and i will be extra sleepy later. but i do like ice blended or frappacino once awhile. ( for the whipped cream of cause) 

but since after i work in a cafe 1 and half  years ago. at first i was just helping out and eventually i learn to brew coffee thus i need to taste the coffee shots (learn to differentiate good n badly brewed coffee) 

for the first few weeks was a disaster for me. i got bad headache after a cup .. it was so bad i would just sleep during my days off... so i was a "barista-who-dont-drink-coffee" but slowly my body starting to tolerate coffee; without having big stupid headache..and in fact starting to enjoy drinking coffee.. 

at this point people around me starting to be surprise;  "since when you drink coffee??" they asked. this kinda caught me off guard... thinking.. "oh my god.. i've changed.." 

but slowly i realize that i really need my "coffee fix" everyday, i get a big headache whenever i don't have my coffee before evening (how ironic ) ; one time i even vomited  n stay in bed towards the day and im not being dramatic here.(how i know it is because i skipped my coffee u asked? because i already recognize how was the discomfort and the ache was like ) 

now, whenever i got out.. i would excuse myself no matter what , to find a nearest cafe to get my coffee; i would make sure my home have coffee stock up:  i dont want coffee, but i need coffee

yes,  really take my coffee break that seriously. 

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