Jy+Jmee+Jean=Triple Js (me the camera girl)

After career fair, i've been very busy with my assignments, those sleepless night, jumbled up schedule,dating with my lappie for long hours makes me become a "iron girl" Uh.. somehow i felt i'm stronger already xD then i'll transform myself into a half-dead fish within few days later.. no doubt :|

not forgetting the companions i have, Jaymee and Jy,makes me forget the yadie-yada craps i have and enjoy doin assignments more :)

but one things i dont like is the freezing study room in the library, although i'm wearing my jacket, but i'm still shiver as if we're in north pole and makes me a cranky girl -.- But what to do? we cant find another better place. Hope we'd find another more "strategy" spot ><

p/s: Dajie.. join us laaaarrrrr.. dont love ur house that much larrrrr.. then we makan satay kajang together :D


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