time for a change.

My lappie always my loyal companion especially since 3rd sem, I'll carry her everywhere i go, switch her on 1st thing in the morning since..

but there's one bad habit of mine which i cant deny, I'm good in chucking most of my files in my desktop like nobody's business. Icons occupied the whole desktop and this didnt even bother me until friends told me how messy my desktop was, It was a good wake up call , i can say.

the wallpaper i've been using for almost a year.
(i reorganize the files before i screen shot,at 1st icons were everywhere..even overlapped -.-)

The carrot wallpaper was the 1st wallpaper i created with photoshop+ illustrator. Which i'm very very proud of -.- Combination of my own photos and people's graphics. I was a total newbie back then and that wallpaper took me almost a day to create.

But somehow, i felt like changing my wallpaper, as those who know me, i'm always "the-more-the better" type of person, but tis time i take a shot by trying to go for simpler wallpaper design.

This is what i meant by simple design, i know i gone waaaaaaay too far -.-

it was sooo blank , n i really cant stand it -.-

and i cant help myself adding tis n that until i got satisfied.

tada! at least its still simple that the previous one.lol

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