i'm sitting in front of my computer again, browsing through the nets like i used to. But out of no where, i stumbled across my abandon old blog and i read back some of the posts which i jot down anything from my head to my heart and soul. To be frank, i really enjoy reading them than i expected. The feeling was totally different.

Although my grammar or writing skills isn't that good (until now!) but i really enjoy writing my life. All my anger, disappointment, joy, sorrow are treasured in that little page of mine. I didn't know some of my close friends enjoy reading them as i didnt expect people will come and read them.

I was 15 back then.

It's almost one year now since i started my new blog , now ooking at it, I know its not gonna be the same as before, number of words per post are decreasing as the days goes by and become 1 sentence per post.

i felt something is missing.

At this point i realise i 've changed, i was different.
I'm not the person who i used to be.

good or bad.
I dont wanna know.

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