something random from my mind

theater stage glamorous lights,

with millions of audience and she was eyed
Its the ballerina's big night

she dance for all her life
in her pointe ballet shoes,
"this is the night," she mused,
for all her life,
shes been waiting for tonight.
Her very big night.

she dances gracefully flawlessly,
every step and gestures were impressive.
everyone is amazed.
everything just feels so right
in her very big night.

but one little step
she stumbled and fall,
on the beautiful stage hall,
by millions of audience,
she was eyed,
no human help her rise

Her big night,
which lead her life to perfections
but that little step,
left millions of audience dissatisfaction
in the beautiful stage hall.

that little step,
blind off her fluid gestures
nothing was left but a visible stain
on her very big night

So there she is, in the dark ally,
sobbing hopelessly
in her very big night

Lynnette  – ( April 22, 2010 at 11:10 PM )  

her big night

would it be the title? LOL!

anyway, the ballerina's night was quite an aweful night.sobbing hopelessly in the alley.

awh..so sad!

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