are u out there, can u hear me?

Irony enough, this is my first digital painting of her and i haven't been to any Taylor Swift Concert. huhu. tis is so sad. Speaking about being her big fan for almost 5 years, remember the first song i love, "teardrops on my guitar" and i like all her songs from the very first album :3

i heart her, forever and always :3
Hope to meet her personally someday.

btw, i heard this song in the mall yesterday while waiting for my friend in the fitting room. Of all songs, this song caught my attention, used song track app in my phone and search for it. Not to mention the interesting album cover. This song dances all the way to my head since.

since before i realize most September girls i know are so pretty.. why me no pretty??
u might never heard this from me.. but i want to be pretty lol

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