Been kinda slacking lately as lots of stuffs happen lately; kinda emotional draining -__- hope June is gonna be a good month, if it wasnt, its okay.. i will have my game face on lol. 

btw Joyce tagged (or i mean nomitated me ,sound oh-so-grand lol) 

Rules if you are nominated for the Liebster Blog Award:

1. Tell 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger (the one who nominated you)
3. Nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers. 
4. Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated.
5. Inform the bloggers you chose.
(p/s :sorry, me lazy hahaahh!! but if u are free or have nothing to post about in ur blog, feel free to answer the questions in ur blogpost :D )

11 Things About Myself
1. i love bread, oatmeal.. since i start to eat solid food when i was a baby. 
2. i'm an emotional roller coaster.
3. once i have loads of stuffs running in my mind, i tend to stare blankly 
4. dont expect me to sit in the same spot for more than 1 hour; i like to walk around hahahahaah 
5. i can be very stupid yet very knowledgeable (thats what my mom say, lol) 
6. my dream is to be a painter aka artist when i was a little girl, and wanted to be a vet when i grow little older.
but my biology exam was bad and i have big problem of emotional attachment towards animals. so ..*puff*   
7. i like to customize or decorate my stuffs
8. i like to catch insect, spiders are included lol and let them free to a safer place. 
but i wont touch cockroaches -__- (who will??)
9. me n ruler x get along, especially drawing straight lines. 
10. me love earth worms , but not maggots -___-
11. I'm little bit of everything

Questions asked..

1. what's your favorite trend item now? 
* open back flora dresse or blouse

something like this lol

2. what type of the camera are you using ?
* usually my iphone or my dad's Nikon D90

3. whos your inspired designer ?
* random tumblr posts lol and AllysonHarvard she is a model though but she inspires me alot in someway. 

4. which country you are staying right now?
* Malaysia

5. if give you a chance to wish , whatever it can be . what would it be?
 * find my inner peace? lol

6. what's your memorial moment while blogging ?
* special feeling when read some of my random oh-so-old posts

7. describe something about your blog?
* my territory, my rainbow land hahhaha 

8. what's your favorite color? 
* 7 colours of the rainbow lol

9. which blogger is really inspired your style ?
* random tumblr posts lol, i enjoy reading jesslovesfred.com read her blog since 2009

10. what item you can't live without? 
* my phone! i dont call much, but i usually play, read, snap, scroll(?)..etc hahah  

11. if give you a chance to change your hair color , which color you prefer? 
* dirty ash blonde (me love gradients lol) and with few various colors of highlights.. escpecially pink colour

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