happy 4th year aniversary!!

This is yogurt :3  2nd weekend of May marks down the 4th year of being one part of our family. ( sorry i forgot the exact date T_T) She was 3months old by then. and now she turns into a big fat meat loaf. 

Frankly speaking our family loves more compared to our other two dog; Sandal and Sneakers. (shhhhhh) Yoyo is very gentle and quiet. She seldom make any noise or cry when she first came to our house, and we seldom tie her up since she is a pup. But we have to tie her later as she is hard to be potty trained -__-

The most remarkable things she did is helping Sandal took care of her puppies. Without even being pregnant, she can produce her own milk to feed 8 puppies as Sandal cant produce enough milk to feed. Sandal as the older dog, Yoyo always being bullied by her but seldom fight back.

She likes to sleep under the sun during the day and sleep near the house door at night. She always give joy to the family.

This is when we just got her  

 sorry we cant bring u out for a walk ,  
we dont have the strength T_T
lucky u are lazy and dont even bothered
 to step out of the gate

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