dear 2014 me,

2013 is been great year , better than 2012 (when u realise u are really really lost!!) u might think u didnt change or achieve much, but think carefully, you actually changed alot. you discover yourself better, observe your surrounding more; start to communicate, pay attention more, and get a glimpse of the "reality world"..  some surprised you, some disappoint you. but hey, this is life. everything give u the opportunity to grow; good or hard way.

u are still very emotional, u should try to control that. even though u always try to tell yourself to keep calm. especially when u are angry. they eat up most of your energy and brain cells! you want to be stupid?? but is okay to be angry instead of keeping inside, find somewhere to write when u are angry, instead of complaining at others (nobody deserve negative energy from you woman)
then is up to u to delete it or keep it later.

i know worrying comes natural as for us in breathing. its okay to worry, as long it doesnt bother your mood to do others things.  if you are not in a good mood, try to keep them, and brush them off.. remember watch cute animals photo or video! no point of showing them to others (even though i know sometimes it happen subconsciously) people u care do not deserve your long face and other ppl dont want to know how bad your day is. everybody has their bad day, just depends how u handle it. just remember to do things u like to do most, feeling lazy? pull yourself up! u wont regret of doing it

you should set your priority, sort the good and the bad. u cant affort to care everything around you
get rid ppl who give negative impact on you. i mean not totally ignoring them. mayb dont pay much attention on them anymore. life is too short to complain and energy consuming, and they dont worth your time. what past it pass. grab the lesson n learn. even helping others are good. but sometimes BE FIRM!! dont let others push u around. no more "its okay.. " to ppl who obviously taking advantage on you..  as long u know your priority, u will be fine. and dont forget to appreciate great ppl surrounds you. especially your family members and close friends, pay more attention on them ,help them whenever they need.

remember!! trust and pay your attention to your instinct more; they are usually right. but they dont always come out often when your head is all over the place. so thats why, u have to be calm n stay peaceful in mind.

if u feel lost in the middle of the road. u can just come back here :) 

hope this year is a great year for you. as long u are walking towards your destination,hold your dreams tight, dont let go.u will be just fine.



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