"do not worry baby.."

its been quite a long time ago since i actually using water colors. usually i'm comfortable using water colours for scenery paintings. plants and trees.. since i got my water colors back from my sister for after so long (yay!)  i should use try water colors again by painting portraits. 

as i was used to acrylic now.. to be frank i never felt so overwhelming for a colour medium. hahah . few trials and few tutorial videos. i realize my mistakes was i didnt plan well before i paint.. as acrylic painting can be covered up by another layers of paint. so i dont worry that much. but as for water colour.. hah! the more u cover the more mistake u will make hahaaah. and another thing is i always forget to wait for the water colours to dry before proceed to the next layers 

anyway that's the "satisfying" portrait to date. for now i really wanna master well the white areas.

ya i have much more to improve. 

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