this is the biggest canvas painting(3frx3ft) i ever did. which took lots of my time and patience; not to lie, there is time i really wanna gave up this painting, but i cant because canvas are expensive hahahaah. mayb i should learn how to diy it someday xD but i'm glad that i completed it, and i'm quite please with the outcome. 

anyway this was inspired by Monsopiad a Kadazandusun headhunter in Sabah. he is famous for being a fearless warrior, protect his village in dangers. but he was carried away by his glorious moments, he started to pick up deadly battles with innocent villagers, thus villagers get scared of him and leave them no choice but to get rid of him, he past away at the end. despite all that. everybody still respect him for his heroic and fearless spirit. 

As for my painting  and i draw a female villager instead a man to add softness for balancing. i want to portray strong, tough yet calm and grace at the same time with the feather headdress and the flow of her hair. in conclusion i believe in life, we need to live with grace yet stabilized with firmness to survive. 

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