today i'm going to share something random but yet personal and somethings means alot to me, its like updating my college self. (she should know about tissss) 

beginning of this year i remember xing called.. wanted to meet up she said. turns out she wanted me to meet her boyfriend; and i was one of her first friend to meet him. usually i'm quite reluctant meeting new people but u can imagine how excited and happy i was. she was first roommate (and only) from college; thanks to her she makes my hostel life a very memorable one. We shares a room; nearly facing each other nearly everyday either complain on my artblock n assignments or her piles of books which she needs to memories and reports she need to write or count. Share each other story from class until we know each other classmates. sometimes imagine when we gonna meet our first boyfriend in college (fyi : we didnt meet any lololol )  and long phone calls once awhile during uni years as we are both study in different places about some flowers might bloom but didnt; seeing each other grow. i met her boyfriend, he is a great guy if u ask me (im good in "scanning" people haha); both of them are like high school sweet heart kinda couple; and its almost a year now but i still feel so lovey dovey and soo happy for her. 

another friend of mine, she was one of my close friend from college too; we used to share a mutual friend; we are not classmates;  staying in different block and totally we have different style (and she is so much prettier haahaha). little did i know either after she heard me listen to taylor swift song or vice versa and the rest is history. Both of us like high school musical too ( at tat time seldom ppl listen to taylor swift's especially before "love story" and no surprise no one likes HSM; in our circle of friends at least. She often knocks my room door out of the sudden; invite herself in and we will chat and pillow talk for hours. Both of us were little downer, emotional yet both blind optimist, thus we understand each other well. so its kinda heart-aching when seeing her being so strong especially what she needs to deal (thank god things are getting better)  and those guys who broke her heart and makes her sad for years until sometimes i dont know what to say anymore to makes her feel better which she might think i was sick of listening her but actually not.  so now knowing she finally found a great guy who really treats and loves her well; i have happy warm n fuzzy feeling inside.

i've been waiting these days since college year had finally come. how nice if i could meet my college self. so we can be all excited and happy for them together  hahaha. 

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