something new during new year? x)

Its end of 2009 and here we are, 2010. i think end of the world its like 2 years from nw, but for me its just like any ordinary day.

I have not much new year resolutions as i know my willpower isnt strong enough. But for 2010, i'm trying my best to be more mature, think like an adult! plan for the future, stop fussing on tiny whiny stuffs, be more alert and not a sucker. I know its gonna be hard for me, but no choice, gonna step to real life soon. scary? indeed.

Spend my new year eve with classmates at college during the day and the computer 2009 is quite a year for me, but mostly is assignment and about computer -.-" so for my new year post, I'm very grateful to those,

  • who's being patience with me. You make me realize how bad my temper is.
  • Who always give me great advices about everything. You inspires me :)
  • who always hear me whining, x) i realise i'm not alone.
  • who willing to lend me a helping hand no matter what. You make me believe good people do exist in this word :)
  • Who's crack jokes for no reason, you guys really make my day :)
  • Who loads me lots of jobs. I learnt alot and learnt to be more discipline although sometime it makes me whine :P
  • Who is being truthful and honest with me nomatter good or bad. You make me realize what i have not realize.
  • Who makes my life interesting. Without you, my life would just be assignments
  • who always at my side, you make me realize how lucky am i
  • who allows me to sulk once awhile. Its to be a big baby girl sometimes x)
  • who annoyed me, i learnt to be a much patience person.
  • who make a fool of me. You make me realise how stupid i was. and i wont let that happen again.
  • who smack me rite into the face. it hurts, i know. but you make me a much stronger person
there's so much to say and its impossible for me to list them all in this tiny space :)

thanks for being one part of my life :)

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