paints and me :)

color pencils companies me like forever. Colors always attracts me. Not like others, i'm not really into black or white (as so u know, they are not colors..lol! but i still able to accept white though). Since i was little, drawing and coloring was my favorite homework of them all.

i tell u a secret, which i didn't really tell anyone directly(except that i told to my old bloggie) for some reason i actually tried to give up on drawing once. but luckily it didn't last long and i'm bond with it again :)

I did not regret for choosing Art and design as my future path over science or any "oh-so-great course" which people around me suggested or advised me to pursue in. I know my dad was a little disappointed but i'm grateful that my parents still stand at my side

although i'm not the best or really good at it, at least i know what i really like and love to do :)

eunice =)  – ( January 22, 2010 at 7:37 PM )  

that's a really really nice picture girl!! u rock the place!:D

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