9pm :)

If you stop by my bloggie often, you will notice i've been spent most of my time in college when i'm doing assignment. This semester, as Jamyee wanted to stop her "last minute" habit. Jy, Jamyee and me will be at college and start our work around 11am (if there is no classes) and stayed at school until 9. We have been like this almost everyday in almost 2 months. Sometimes Dajie tagged along too :D

we can be anywhere, library to cafeteria but we can say, study room is our favorite which located 2nd floor of our college canteen. (we can eat whenever we want before 7pm, basically we are prohibited to eat at the study room.lol)

we meet quite often until we always dream each other..lol

ok, i admit, sometimes we cam-whore, chit chat and definitely wont miss play fb games.. who will miss out pet society daily lottery anyway? :D

ok ok.. another confession, i'm not good in posing, especially in front of the computer.

think i'm gonna stick back wit my celly's 2.0 mpixel camera :D

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