the expression i always have,
but not the expression i used to show.

screew you


just nice

i'm walking, walking in circles, endlessly
thought its was how the way it should be.
yes, i 'm slow,or perhaps i'm just lost.

mayb i wasn't good as i though i was.
mayb i did not try hard enough
how much is too much? how little is too little?
how much is consider as enough?


Through my window

usually i wont like others to feel what i hate to feel.
if you dont believe me, its up to you.
but i cant guarantee i feel nothing.
if that's the way you think, then its up to you.
dont expect me to change when i dont feel like to.
i rather be ordinary with flaws and still being me,
instead being totally perfect and being like anyone else.

i dont born to please everyone.
and everyone is hard to please.

well, that pretty much summarize everything in my head.
its okay you dont understand what i'm writing.
it wasnt meant to be understand anyway.



its good to let you in again.


oh i oh i..

do you think about me? like i think about you

I like when i discover awesome songs which i never heard before but fall in love in the first step the melody came to the ear. Its like treasure hunting, without really discovering them, just listen to them for the first time at random place and random time. One thing i like about my campus is they always aired nice songs, maybe me and the dj from my campus radio station share the same taste of song.

thing are jumbling up lately. its been a bad week (or weeks), but i always remind myself it not a bad life. On the bright-side, things will eventually come around and turn out well (i hope)
i think this is the only thing that makes me happy today.

" i'm not even trying,
but i cant stop smiling"


are u out there, can u hear me?

Irony enough, this is my first digital painting of her and i haven't been to any Taylor Swift Concert. huhu. tis is so sad. Speaking about being her big fan for almost 5 years, remember the first song i love, "teardrops on my guitar" and i like all her songs from the very first album :3

i heart her, forever and always :3
Hope to meet her personally someday.

btw, i heard this song in the mall yesterday while waiting for my friend in the fitting room. Of all songs, this song caught my attention, used song track app in my phone and search for it. Not to mention the interesting album cover. This song dances all the way to my head since.

since before i realize most September girls i know are so pretty.. why me no pretty??
u might never heard this from me.. but i want to be pretty lol


oh god why lol

for years lol


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