blue eyed

i always wanted to get close to a tiger, give them a big big hug even better. hahah. despite they might bite our head off but they are actually very adorable (or maybe is me having soft spot for big fury animals lol) and i love their big cushy cushion paws. 

but i got the chance to cuddle and play with a white tiger cub. This is waaaay beyond my dream hahahah..for me tiger is like a combination of dog and cat. Tiger might have features similar to a cat. but the way they walk and their fur/skin quite similar with a large breed dog. is like best of both world. hahaha


as white tiger is kinda famous and highly demand, instead of natural birth; now genetic experiment which involve modified DNA to get the "perfect blue eyed white tiger" which cause some disfigured and abnormal growth in some of those unlucky white tiger; which is kinda sad.

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