the seer


"The future is a puzzle. With many pieces to be sorted. In time, you'll learn to separate what can be from what will be.. but knowing your future would not have made a difference, you would still be powerless to ecape your fate"

I was trying colour markers as drawing mamaterial initially, but the outcome is kinda disappointing. i havent know how to control the strokes of the pens yet.  So i use my my ol' friend.. soft pastels and colour pencils to do some touch up; its turns out much better now. hahaha.

The Seer is a character from the drama "once upon a time". her role might be a minor one, but i think she is the most important characters in the drama. She might look scary at first but I think she is the most interesting character, i like how she thinks and describe about her gifted ability and maybe i like her hair hahahahah!!

i like this drama, eventhough i died alittle in every episode i watched. 
i think i should watch some cute animals videos now. 


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