paper time!


current craving for paper cuttings and painting hahahha. i use acrylic paints, soft pastels and marker pens for this piece. oh ya, not forget bits n pieces of papers i kept . i like to keep left over papers , tissue roll, beautiful wrappers n some other stuffs; you never know when u might need it. just incase u dont know, imma type of "use-whatever-there-is" kind of person hahaha. usually random i have inspires me what to do instead think of what to do and search for material later. 

so i cant deny i'm kind of a rubbish collector hahah. but dont fear, i have a box for it. is like a wonder box; box of everything. hahah 

by the way, this is a map i create; is not any typical tourist kind of map but my version of map featuring places i like and usually go. sandakan is quite a big place, usually occupied with plantation and forest, because of that It has another name call "nature city", which also lead to "always no electricity". so is not big deal if happens 5 hours (or even longer) blackout, we kinda use to it.

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