be strong.. STOP pet society.. (well, nt really>.<)

Most of the assignments were being introduced,
Ideas were being approved.
so basically i should TOTALLY focus on my assignments by now.
and most my friends started their designs already and in fact, they are doing good.. yea, they are pure genius ..(derma sikit skill boleh tak har?) 

Year two is not gonna be easy, since most of the assignments can be our portfolio in the future
not to forget i'm totally flash amateur  
so yea, no play play

which means i have pour or squeeze all my energy and efforts out for my assignments, 
Since i spent most of my time staring infront of the computer, so i have no choice but to..
less chatting? less blogging? less facebook games? less surf not-so-important websites? 
but the toughest part will be,



Although i still see him nw and then, but this is really a challenge for me!! 
i usually give him tender loving care everytime i could =(
i duwan to be a  a bad mummy ._.
*squating in the dark corner with the index fingers pointing each other*

but girl, face it..

u really have to

*bang the wall real hard*

so... now? ._.

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