rainbow makes the world go round =D

Colours speaks louder than words y'all~

Speaking about  rainbow, it reminds me how often i use it as my theme for my assignments, especially this semester and my group work as well, even my team have to give in and it makes me quite guilty about it ._. (sorry dear j'mee, jy and of cuz Elie <--she's more in black 'n white, her current obsession, PINK hohohoho..)  

is not that i use rainbow because i'm all mad about rainbow, but it really relates to our assignments mah, but frankly, i'm quite comfortable when use it as my theme, not to mention more ideas popping out and i enjoy doing my assignments more=D

rainbow will never go wrong with cute stuffs

me like =D

To be honest, besides prunes and peanut butter, i love Colours.  my eyes sparks very fast when comes to bright pastel colours and anything Colouful. somehow i'm wondering when i'm gonna grow up, that's why i try limit my  so called "Colour usage".. but things doesn't go really well.. because, its not like.. me :( 

for example, i try to wear black, since its the every1 seems to enjoy wearing it. but i end up feeling uncomfortable, .. so yea, black baju bagi closet pakai

but Come on, people will get bored and fed-up if i hari-hari rainbow, then they might go, " oh no, she's gonna use her rainbow again.."  or " i cant stand those Colours! they're hurting my eyes!!*acting dramatically*" and who knows i'll get "rainbow-disorder" ?? and end up in tanjung rambutan, noooooooooooo!! (i made it up..i'm good :P ) 

and yea, i did, try to dump rainbow.

On my digi typography assignment, lyrics-CD-cover-design assignment.

-----flash back the time when letting ms Yarshi see my sketches------

" this one not bad, i like this one where the words are flowing like rainbow"

" but ms Yarshi, i'm planning to use tis one." (one with the design flow like a girl's hair) 

" that's nice but the rainbow design suits more for your song,...."

*and she goes on wit her explanations.*.

so yea, i go with the rainbow design..

see??! i tried!!

oh well, seems rainbow loves me too *wink*

Kyle 卡尔  – ( June 22, 2009 at 12:45 PM )  

The fact is,
Rainbow follow the Earth
n become round

Phisyc man~

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