Malacca y'all!

Head to Malacca with my aunt today, i know, i should be a hermit and do my assignments. but i just cant help myself and go back, my dad is in malacca y'all! *cheers of joy!* means there will alot of makan and hang outs wit my relatives and of cause spend quality time with daddy until sunday =D

but as a good *cough* responsible *cough* students, i definitely bring my works along *cough* if nt i'll be dead meat x.x but its another story whether i really do it or nt ._.

See current photos of everyone in facebook and friendster wit my aunt ,daddy and grandparents and talk about how great friendster and facebook are. adults will be adults..lol!! and i cant believe my grandma took out those good ol' photos of her grandchildren and encourage me to upload them. not to forget to upload their photos as well =p

upload my babyawkwardhumiliating, cute?*cough* photos on friendster??

 i dont think so =P

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