Birthday Boy

My classmate, Botak turned 19 last Thursday. I know he isnt botak, but he was when i 1st know him.. *grin* 

After lecture on tat very same day, another class surprised a birthday girl with their own birthday songs played in the lecturer hall with the help of our lecturer and a birthday cake later, the whole thing was so sweet and touching, nevertheless, she cried.. *awww!!* 

at this point, i thought Botak will be sitting at the dark corner..crying?lol. because we didnt throw any surprise for him. 

sorry lo, we never thought of it mah >.<

but we went to KFC to celebrate his big day, although it wasn't a surprise for him, but planned something ..well, special for him. *double grin*

the birthday boy..lol!

our imagination went wild =P

My work (baldie+rainbow) me like =P 
besides is Elie's bunny, and Celine is drawing bra stripes lol

poor Botak, he had to drink with a baby bottle and wear our "u1-masterpiece" shirtuntil he head home.

Some how i realise, instead of being the king or queen of the day, normally birthday boy n girl always get bullied during their birthday..lol
special birthday treatment indeed =D

Botak, u 're lucky tau
you cant find any shirt that SPECIAL outside =)

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