my inspiration starts to flow =D

Credits to Hing Yee

Went out with Nelson and Hing Yee. Instead of jalan-jalan, we are more on chit-chatting Needless to say, Mc Donald is the perfect place to go.who doesn't like McD anyway? lol, moreover, We can stuck our butt there as long as we want like nobody business.

Like others, i adore Mcd' sundae cone , mc flurry as well!!  =D
those smooth white sweet cream which melts in the mouths , and touches the hearts

cant believe a simple sundae cone can makes me happy  *floating* 
but surprisingly, i dont get all crazy wit other ice cream =/

Ice-cream dont have to be fancy to make some1 happy.
isnt it? =)

*at last i got some idea for my assignments! 
not much, but its better than none

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