things get busy lately, blame myself for getting involve in society and college talent nite as committee ._. and assignments start to pile up and make me go whining and grumbling

poor me  *pad myself on the back*

Most of my tasks are related wit computer but i didn't do "other-no-related stuffs" which i usually do when i do my works, like surf the net? play games? chatting?  *grin* all thanks to the freaking big photoshop and illustrator files, when i mean big.. it means REALLY BIG, just imagine one of the files are 2ft x 6ft bunting photoshop doc and contains more than ten layers and countless effect in it, my lappie get all laggy when another program is running, but lucky she's still alive. lol

nevertheless i didnt spend much time lately wit my cyber babies ._. (which are my baby, restaurant, bloggy and some yadie yada, incase u're wondering =)

mummy will be back soon ya  

for no reason, i cant control myself for munching Jacob's cream crackers and prunes lately, i can just munch'em whole day!! and finish 1 container of prunes within a week and 1 economic box crackers within 2 weeks.  my new comfort food heh? ohohoho =.-

guess i have to hide'em somewhere ._. 

Cheese and whiskers, attend a weird lecturer's class yesterday,  instead of encouraging us,he keep telling us to quit our course if we are not into designing cuz things will get tougher from now on, i know i wont quit that easily*puh-leese!* but somehow i get worried..

will i survive until the very end?

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